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Testimonials From Domestic Clients

“I engaged Dieter and his company when it became clear that the initial budgets / quotes for my home renovation were not well structured, difficult to understand and not reflecting the true cost of a 10 month renovation project. More importantly, I needed a clear view on what was included and excluded from a materials, labour and supervisory point of view so that I could manage the expenditure against a clear template.

Dieter produced a very detailed document that showed well thought out item descriptions, quantities and costs. Of great value was the detail in the lines items that make up a build of this type. This allowed me to factor in a myriad of activities and costs that I would otherwise have not considered.

The result of this was a project budget that I could hold the contractor to account on, and allowed me to be very clear in the various discussions that resulted along the way in terms of inclusions, exclusions and contract variations.”

– Greg Vercellotti