On presentation of a suitable building plan, Build Aid Consulting measures and then calculates, in detail, all material quantities and their costs, labour costs, sub-contractors and prime cost (P.C.) amounts, which are summarised in the Building Costs Analysis.

This is a comprehensive document, presented in the typical stages of construction e.g. site establishment, foundations, superstructure, roofing, plumbing, electrical etc. This “staging” helps you to stay in control of all aspects of the building project and facilitates easy tendering and sub-contracting.

Each construction stage is further broken down to reflect relevant details, such as:

  • Material Quantities and Costs
    This includes the precise number of bricks, bags of cement, rolls of brick-force, litres of paint, lengths of skirting, number of doorstops etc
  • Labour Details and Costs
    For each facet of building, the cost to lay bricks, plaster walls, erect the roof, hang doors, paint walls, fix tiles etc
  • Sub-Contractor Types and Rates
    Such as electricians and plumbers, listing in detail all electrical and plumbing points
  • Provisional Amounts & P.C. Items
    Allows for purpose-made items or personal preferences
  • Contingencies
    Allows for hidden costs i.e. bad soil conditions or delays due to inclement weather

The Analysis concludes with summaries of estimated costs by Section: (e.g. fees and duties, foundations, main structure, roofing, plumbing, electrical, painting etc) and Category: (e.g. labour, materials, plant hire, provisional sums and P.C. amounts).

The Small Print

Material Costs and Labour rates can and do fluctuate, and differ from area to area even within a Metropolitan area.