Build Aid Consulting has over 30 years’ experience specialising in the calculation of building costs and quantities, as well as providing building inspection services to the residential property market. Our reputation in the market is built on our highly personal approach to serving our clients.

Our Value Promise to You


We use our years of combined industry experience and custom developed costing models to ensure a high level of accuracy in the calculation of your building costs and provision of our inspection services.


On presentation of your plans, our in-house technology allows us to prepare you a comprehensive Calculation of Building Costs Report within four days.


We understand building a home is a personal experience for you and have built our offering around sitting down with you, your contractor and / or architect to discuss the building of your home.


Our calculation of building costs and inspection services ensure we support you from the time your plans are prepared, right through until your home is completed.


As a third party in the building process, we have your interests at heart and will ensure your home is built to budget, specification and accepted building standards.

Why Build Aid

In a word – Accuracy

To accurately calculate how much building will cost in advance is a highly technical and skilled process – This is Build Aids’ speciality.

We have over 30 years experience in this field, and are supported by our own custom software. We are in touch with market-related prices and rates have a good sense for hidden costs, and will advise you on potential savings.

What about cheaper or free estimates?

If a Building Costs Analysis/Estimate is “out”, by even R100 per m2, it will result in substantial additional costs to finish your building. An inaccurate estimate can cost you a great deal of money.