How we add value to you

As a Building Contractor, our goal is to ensure your profitability and empower you to have effective control of the building and financial side of your projects.

Our Building Costs Analysis provides you with detailed and accurate information including all quantities and costs relating to your upcoming building project, we enable you to know your true building costs, prior to tendering and /or the commencement of the project. No more having to use the unreliable square meter rate!

The Building Costs Analysis provides a detailed breakdown of the following: (Laid out in typical building stages format.)

  • Building material quantities and Costs
  • Labour Details and Costs
  • Sub-Contractor types and rates
  • Provisional Amounts and P.C Items

The Analysis concludes with summaries of estimated costs by Section: (e.g. fees and duties, foundations, main structure, roofing, plumbing, electrical, painting etc) and Category: (e.g. labour, materials, plant hire, provisional sums and P.C. amounts).

Benefits of Using Build Aid’s Building Costs Analysis

  • Accurate Quoting
  • Establishing correct contract prices
  • Ordering of correct material quantities
  • As a specification of finishes
  • For stock control (e.g. theft)
  • To save time, money and be more professional
  • Tendering
    • The Building Costs Analysis reformatted, provides for a Tender document that allows you to compare “apples with apples” when selecting sub-contractors.