How we add value to your profession

As an Architect, you may wish to provide your clients with ‘Design Stage’ costing before progressing, or you may from time to time receive a request to do work that is not core to your business.

For example you might be asked to provide Bills of Quantities, Estimates, Cost Planning or Tender Documentation for new homes, townhouses or additions and alterations.

Build Aid Consulting can add value to your existing offering by undertaking these types of project on your behalf, or via referral, professionally and efficiently.


Cost Analysis and Planning


Our key offering is our detailed “Building Costs Analysis” taken off plan. We use our years of combined industry experience and custom developed software models to ensure a high degree of accuracy in the calculation of these building costs.

  • The Building Costs Analysis provides a detailed breakdown of the following: (Laid out in typical building stages format.)
  • Building material quantities and Costs
  • Labour Details and Costs
  • Sub-Contractor types and rates
  • Provisional Amounts and P.C Items


The Building Costs Analysis reformatted, provides for a Tender document that allows the client to compare “apples with apples” when selecting a building contractor.

Cost and Quality Control

We provide on-site inspection services at any stage of the building process, from foundation trenches to final hand over, depending on our client’s requirements.

This guarantees that correct building practices are followed, good quality materials are used, costs are controlled and that the building is constructed according to the required specification.

  • Additionally we offer inspections at each point of the building process to verify progress payments.